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Loosely Based On Fiction

by Escape Act

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Get it on the repo with your red lit eyes. Sell it on computer... cause the boss exposed your lies. You let us know… how you use your weight is clearly shown. Now I just want to never deal with you Kings have fallen as queens do cry You are the dream that rules my life. Kings have fallen as queens do cry You are the dream that rules my life.
God Says 02:34
All my memories are gone I’m a drop out high school queen And now, nothing seems ambitions are all gone. My heart says you’re not dead. At first we thought we had a chance But it was taken away from us. Imagine every precious thing that you have is taken away. My heart says you’re not dead.
Laid Open 02:52
I didn’t know what to say so I just said something anyway and now I feel so low I could be gliding. And did I tell you by the way Belfast is beautiful but mostly it’s grey ah ah… I’ve got lost again. Laid open you’re so easy to hurt its easy done then you have some lunch choking on some food. Empty swimming pool eyes… in a room full of people knowing you could cry. I guess I was confused I thought it was good I thought it was cool to believe in you Walking through Botanic Park the sights and the sounds is that tree really painted red as students’ play they’re playing football… drunk.
Cabin Fever 03:52
Cabin fever on the road running through the gates Up the stairs through the corridor open the door and I see you there crashing down, It’s true that you don’t mean anything to me anymore…Yes it is. Holding out for love Holding on for love. I’ve want to spit it out I still believe its you Don’t want to fight at night I know I’ll only lose I want to shout it out… I still believe in you. Holding out for love Holding on for love.
Green 03:47
I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore people knocking at your door Thinking I’m just a maudlin type hoping I’m just a maudlin type I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore there’s no panacea in dialogue Thinking I’m just a maudlin type hoping I’m just a maudlin type You work all day and you drink at night. What are you waiting for a green light. My head is thumping and water hurts my throat smoke infests my clothes Keep your eyes open…. I’ll keep my eyes open…….. For those ignorant jibes… give them just one chance and they will thrive. You work all day and you drink at night What are you waiting for a green light.
Can you tell that I care for you. Can you tell that I’d die for you. Where’d you get that new short hair I so want….. Put that away… I can… we can… halt time. I try to stop you caring for me. I try to stand stop walking Laugh stop talking… at you. I picked up the letter and walked on through to the patio The ink burned bright red raw like a punch to the temple lobe I suppose we could talk but face it that would feel strained Come to think of it… the bond was always so vague. Everyone got shot. Everything is lost.
Up… down… turn around… bed at five. There’s a battered old peepul if you’re looking to try I don’t know what to say when I fell alive with you. Out of work counterfeit, dickin around I was walking through a park I was hiding inside……… Afraid of all the things we did today…I guess. I can’t stop feeling down today A nothing feeling unseen doubt and strain. I can’t stop feeling down today A nothing feeling untold hurt afraid. I went into a bar and I stole a coat Cause even in summer it’s cold with no hope I was passin through a stage it takes a thousand days… I put her into care cause she needed help Ah you look so tired you’re always on your feet People giving orders and those deadlines to meet But you still keep your pride.
System addict stole my brain keeping all the truths at bay All the days you thought you’d have and the dreams you thought you’d made. System says all brave men fall to ground. I want to dance in an ancient way Essence battles all the fear away I’d love to dance in an ancient way Light seems colder when your far away. You’re certain in what you know You never ever fall apart Sullied behave for the stars Sullied behave for the moon.
I was out on the west the fields told the tale Of how they fought and died… of how they fought and died. The black mountain bleeds because planes love Hong Kong You’re as strong as a wizard’s staff But not as strong as the corpse’s candle. It started great but it’s all gone wrong It started so great but it’s all gone wrong. Its September time darkness is fighting light I faced my stiffest test the fight for love and tomorrow They faced there stiffest test the fight for their own survival.
Broken Chin 03:24
Here’s to Jimmy on the radio city laughing with his friends on the telephone. We used to dream of the stock car racing you used to say that we could go. I don’t know what to feel about that it was so long ago……. So here’s to Jimmy on the radio city, play us a song before you go. Monkey Heart broken chin if it doesn’t sit shake it down from your harp from your mantle please Monkey Heart broken chin if it doesn’t fit write it down from the start for your mental peace.


4 out of 5 - “With more hooks than an abattoir and slab upon slab of bristling melodies, most strikingly on Corpses Candle and Kings Have Fallen, Loosely Based On Fiction is indie rock in excelsis.” - Hot Press review of Loosely Based On Fiction

8 out of 10 - “These are songs to make your inner indie boy rejoice. The debut album from Belfast’s Escape Act, Loosely Based On Fiction drips indie melodies like tears from the sainted eyes of Morrissey.” - Francis Jones, AU, reviews LBOF. read in full.

17 Seconds on Broken Chin - “Rather like the Strokes, here is a band who have realised that less is definitely more. Pure punky joy.”

Devil Has The Best Tuna - “They effortlessly straddle the jangling, punkish new wave of The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers (’God Says’, ‘Laid Open’ and ‘Jupiter Storms’) and the more melodic harmonies Irish Americana (Irishcana?) of The Thrills (’Broken Chin’ and ‘Sullied Behave For The Moon’). ”

“‘Corpses Candle’ … reminds us of the indie majesty of Whipping Boy’s Heartworm” State.ie blog

“…a blistering burst of Undertones punk guitar and Morrisseyesque vocal that’ll have you jumping round the room like a kangeroo on a pogo stick.” Devil Has the Best Tuna on God Says

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released November 17, 2008

Escape Act are: Chris Heaney - Vocals & Guitars, Rich Dale - Bass & Vocals, Alan Beattie, Drums, Ross Neely, Guitars.

Loosely Based On Fiction was written by Chris Heaney and performed by Escape Act. It was recorded by Andy Miller at Chem19 Studios in Glasgow, UK, and mastered by Kenny MacLeod.

Our artwork was designed by Alan, and features a picture of Romeo and Juliet's Grotto in Verona, taken by Norman Taylor.




Escape Act Belfast

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